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What Is YouTube Marketing: The Ultimate Guide

Marketing is continuously evolving and has been very competitive for the past years. It’s harder to capture consumer attention now than years ago. While some businesses have faltered in revenue, many have persisted and took it all as a challenge. Adversity in many industries have triggered plethora of opportunities and diversification in varied channels.

Digital marketing took a new shape and form. Using variety of channels is now a must in order to grow brand awareness and reach a wider audience. There are different ads and platforms competition for user attention. In order to attract attention and engage your audience, you would need an interactive visual content.   Yes, YouTube marketing is now an important platform and tool to grow your pipeline of customers. YouTube views will not be crucial to brand success and so is creating a multi-channel marketing campaign.

YouTube Marketing – Why You Should Do It?

YouTube is currently the 2nd most popular social media channel (second to Facebook) to date. This was created in 2005 by Jawed Karim which was originally designed to be a dating site but is now considerably one of the most preferred platforms for personal and business use. This is a video-sharing website wherein users can browse and watch their favorite online videos for free. YouTube has over 1 billion unique hits every month. Most videos on YouTube are user-generated which means you get to watch diverse niches. You can also create and upload your own videos that you can share with the rest of the world. There are billions of videos on YouTube and it has changed how people consume visual content.

A website will definitely look more stunning and interactive with videos on it; plus the fact that you’d show up more of the Google search results pages if you have videos on your site. YouTube videos are solid content and speak more in volumes and let you connect to your audience better than pure text. It draws more people which could translate to sales or conversions for your business. There is a social connectivity factor in YouTube that allows people to delve in and mingle while browsing through videos.

Here are the steps on how to effectively execute your brand’s YouTube marketing:

  • Branding – The introduction is crucial to winning half the battle of YouTube competition. With the first sequence, you do the introduction and tell them about you and your brand. Tell them where else they could find you or connect with your brand like on Facebook or Twitter.
  • The Perks – People would always look into what’s in it for them or the advantages of watching your videos. Let them know how long the videos are why they should watch it in the first place.
  • Value – This is the single most important factor that you need to deliver to your target audience or potential customers. In here, you deliver what is promised in your video’s title – no less. This is the sequence where you get to explain or expound on concepts revolving your brand.
  • Conclusion – You do a quick recap of the information delivered. You can also provide recommendations or give your audience your two cents.
  • CTA – This is the main purpose of why you are doing YouTube marketing – so lead them down the sales pipeline. You should never forget about this part. This is the sequence where you entice or prod a reader to subscribe or buy from your site. Leave a few minutes or some dead time before you leave a link for emphasis.

It’s a numbers game. There are over 5 hours of video uploaded on YouTube every second which constitute at least 78% of web traffic for 2017. Your website plus your own YouTube channel will be the game-changer that can turn the tables around for your marketing campaign.









How to Make Your Company Website Look Professional

Your company website is your portal to the world. It is the first thing many customers think about when your brand comes to mind, and for web-based companies and services, it is crucial that your company website looks and feels professional. Common mistakes include hard to read text, dark backgrounds, and multiple distracting elements, calling for the user’s attention. These tips should help you get your company website looking clean and trim, as well as helping traffic roll in.

Social Media Integration

Make sure that articles on your company website are shareable on social media, like Facebook and Reddit. Embed videos from YouTube in your company’s blog, and develop a reputable and active presence on social media platforms. Your website will drive viewers to your social media pages, but it will also draw visitors to your social media profiles to your site.

Clean, not Cluttered.

Keep your website design simple, using only a couple of colours, with a easy to find and use navigation area. Space your elements so they aren’t cluttered, and be sure that you use a good font. Cluttered, or unprofessional fonts will make your page look bad, as will jagged ones. Ensure that your menus are comfortably spaced, and that your main area has lots of room. If possible, try to keep the main element from feeling ‘boxed in.’

Good Content

Reasonably large images can be placed in text content, but should not be overused. Two or three Key pictures per 400 words are acceptable, especially if you are making use of galleries. Images should be clear unless intentionally not so. All photos should have a brief description. Header images should be balanced with the whole site, and should not differ too much from one another in colour tone.

A fair balance of well written text, to images, is needed to maintain high scores on search engines like Google. Keywords should be naturally placed into writing, and not feel forced. Make sure that all of the words on your site make sense, and is easy to read. Check grammar, fix spelling mistakes. Text should be directly to the point, but also descriptive and accurate

Mobile pages

Your company website should look good both on the desktop, and mobile devices. Using a mobile template ensures that the best aspects of your company site are available on the go. However, mobile templates often risk being cramped and should be designed with care. Most content on a desktop site can be delivered to mobile users, as well as services, in a readable manner. With mobile integration, users can enjoy images, and get vital information, pay bills, and make purchases, comfily on the go.

About Pages

Every company website needs a strong about page. Contact information should be clearly visible, and your page should include a brief message or summary about your company. About pages can be used to share company structures, as well as reach out to customers. Make sure to include a mailing address, phone number, email address, and social media links. In many cases, consider using a direct contact form.


How to create professional explainer videos like on YouTube?

The past few years a marketing revolution has been taking place online. Millions of companies, individuals and websites have been using explainer video as a way to reach larger audiences. The reasons are quite simple since they are extremely powerful. In addition, explainer videos have a high rate of conversion and are very effective.

That may have you wondering how you or your company can create professional explainer videos like those you see on YouTube. Believe it or not, it is not that difficult to create one. There are hundreds of tools available online which make creating an explainer video very easy. You can also find templates, software and programs that allow making your own a cinch.

Explainer Videos Explained

The best way to describe an explainer video is to think of them as mini commercials. Businesses use them as a way to describe, explain and promote their services, merchandise or other elements. For the most part, many of them are done with animation. However, there are countless of other types of explainer videos such as live action and screencast.

One of the things which make explainer videos so popular and widely used are their conversion rates. They also don’t cost that much to make and can be done relatively quick. Most importantly, they engage the viewers in a way other forms of marketing do not. If that wasn’t enough, explainer videos can also help your website rank better.

Steps To Creating Your Explainer Video

It is very difficult to visit sites such as Vimeo or YouTube and not run into explainer videos. In fact, they are the driving force behind the popularity of these sites. Millions view them every day in order to obtain information about a product, service or other things. Also, they are a great way to explain questions and show viewers how to formats.

Creating your own explainer videos is easier than ever today. You can either make the video yourself, or hire someone else to do it for you. Companies such as SquareShip can help you, as well as others. Another option is hiring a freelancer. For those that want to do the videos themselves, the steps are as follows.

The first thing you have to take is coming up with a great script about your product, service or brand. Irrespective of what you want to do your explainer video about, it all begins with the script. The story line in the video is what will tell the viewer how what you are promoting works. Remember that even explainer videos with the best graphics or animations fail if they are boring or don’t have a great story line. It is imperative that you keep what you write brief, concise and to the point.

Another tip to remember is that the first 7 to 10 seconds are the most important part of your script and video. If you do not catch and keep the attention of the viewers during this time, you may end up losing them. Most videos average about 30 to 160 minutes, depending on what you are describing. There is also an average of words you may want to aim for in order to keep your video balanced.

The next thing you want to do is go about choosing your template or explainer video style. This will be determined by your budget, product or service and industry. The best way to find out which type is best for you is by watching top rated explainer videos in your specific genre or industry. These will give you an idea of formats that are proven to work.

In the event that you select using animations, there are several options for you. One, is whether or not you are going to use your own drawings or have someone else draw the animations for you. The other is using an explainer video creation tool such as Powtoon, GoAnimate or Wideo. These programs come with hundreds of ready to use characters and animations. For those that want to use the ScreenCast format, there are several tools online that do this for you. The same for live action videos which you use a camera to capture the contents.

After you have taken care of your other steps, you will have to begin the voice over phase. This will be the voice heard explaining your animations and entire content or script. You can use your own voice if you desires. However, most people or companies often use the voice recordings made by others. You can purchase voice-overs in sites such as Fiverr or Craigslist. During this phase you may also consider if you want to add music to your explainer video or not.

The final step is publishing your explainer video and uploading to YouTube and Vimeo. Once that is done you can begin to share your video on social media sites. This will begin to drive people to see your video and learn about your product, service or brand. Plus, it will get your explainer video shared while leading visitors to your site.