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What software do you need to create VR Porn Videos?

Pornography has always been very popular and viewed by zillions of folks all over the world. The past few years, virtual reality has become another platform on which to look at porno. It has helped make porno more abundant and easily accessible. It goes without saying that in the past, most people viewed sexually explicit content behind closed doors. They also had to go through great trouble in order to be able to view it.

Fast forward to today and things have dramatically changed. Although a large portion of individuals still view it anonymously, others have become more brazen. They are not only viewing it more openly, but even taking part in making their own amateur or semi-professional adult videos. Because of this, the popularity of it has risen to the highest levels ever. Many attribute the rise in smut to several factors including mobile devices, social media and advancement in technology. For instance, virtual reality is fast becoming a new way to check out smut. It’s why you have so many VR porn videos popping up in adult sites everywhere.

Although most of that content is created by big name adult film companies such as Naughty America VR and BadoinkVR, some is done by amateurs. Or at least those aspiring to be the next great pornography producer. Others simply want to get their personal home sex movies out in the open. But they want to do it using virtual reality technology. The problem is that unlike traditional porno, VR requires special equipment. The cameras used to capture virtual reality images are far more expensive than regular ones. Part of it has to do with them being able to record in 3D and 360 degree angles.

Nonetheless, tons of people are still using programs and software to make their own virtual reality porn movies. It’s important to remember that some of the software is for developers. That means it requires experience or knowledge in coding. There are other drag and drop or easier to use as well.

YouVisit’s Experience Builder – This software is great for making 360 degree VR adult content. The platform is free to use and either videos or images can be used.

360-Degree Cameras – Using one of these gadgets to make your own private VR porn movie may be the best way to do so. However, it can be expensive depending on which one you purchase. They are excellent for capturing footage and real-life 360-degree images.

The ENTiTi Creator platform – With the drag and drop interface, users who are non-developers will like this platform. You can make either AR or VR immersive content.

Kinect, Mimesys, Unity – Combination – People who have a kinetic plus a Mimesys and Unity 3D engine can make amazing 3D VR porn. Combined together, all three allow individuals to create 3D video just like professionals do.

Unity – Developers who are knowledgeable in UnityScript, Boo and C# use this tool. They prefer this for various reasons since it is easy to use. There is a free and a pro version available.

Applications – Searching for VR porn applications will bring up a few options. Some of them are Emergent VR, VRCapture and OptiTrack. As more companies are getting into the VR porn business, new apps are being introduced. Either of them are the easiest, fastest and inexpensive way to make a VR porno movie. Of course they will not render the same results as other expensive or professional software and equipment.