What Is YouTube Marketing: The Ultimate Guide

Marketing is continuously evolving and has been very competitive for the past years. It’s harder to capture consumer attention now than years ago. While some businesses have faltered in revenue, many have persisted and took it all as a challenge. Adversity in many industries have triggered plethora of opportunities and diversification in varied channels.

Digital marketing took a new shape and form. Using variety of channels is now a must in order to grow brand awareness and reach a wider audience. There are different ads and platforms competition for user attention. In order to attract attention and engage your audience, you would need an interactive visual content.   Yes, YouTube marketing is now an important platform and tool to grow your pipeline of customers. YouTube views will not be crucial to brand success and so is creating a multi-channel marketing campaign.

YouTube Marketing – Why You Should Do It?

YouTube is currently the 2nd most popular social media channel (second to Facebook) to date. This was created in 2005 by Jawed Karim which was originally designed to be a dating site but is now considerably one of the most preferred platforms for personal and business use. This is a video-sharing website wherein users can browse and watch their favorite online videos for free. YouTube has over 1 billion unique hits every month. Most videos on YouTube are user-generated which means you get to watch diverse niches. You can also create and upload your own videos that you can share with the rest of the world. There are billions of videos on YouTube and it has changed how people consume visual content.

A website will definitely look more stunning and interactive with videos on it; plus the fact that you’d show up more of the Google search results pages if you have videos on your site. YouTube videos are solid content and speak more in volumes and let you connect to your audience better than pure text. It draws more people which could translate to sales or conversions for your business. There is a social connectivity factor in YouTube that allows people to delve in and mingle while browsing through videos.

Here are the steps on how to effectively execute your brand’s YouTube marketing:

  • Branding – The introduction is crucial to winning half the battle of YouTube competition. With the first sequence, you do the introduction and tell them about you and your brand. Tell them where else they could find you or connect with your brand like on Facebook or Twitter.
  • The Perks – People would always look into what’s in it for them or the advantages of watching your videos. Let them know how long the videos are why they should watch it in the first place.
  • Value – This is the single most important factor that you need to deliver to your target audience or potential customers. In here, you deliver what is promised in your video’s title – no less. This is the sequence where you get to explain or expound on concepts revolving your brand.
  • Conclusion – You do a quick recap of the information delivered. You can also provide recommendations or give your audience your two cents.
  • CTA – This is the main purpose of why you are doing YouTube marketing – so lead them down the sales pipeline. You should never forget about this part. This is the sequence where you entice or prod a reader to subscribe or buy from your site. Leave a few minutes or some dead time before you leave a link for emphasis.

It’s a numbers game. There are over 5 hours of video uploaded on YouTube every second which constitute at least 78% of web traffic for 2017. Your website plus your own YouTube channel will be the game-changer that can turn the tables around for your marketing campaign.









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