How to Make Your Company Website Look Professional

Your company website is your portal to the world. It is the first thing many customers think about when your brand comes to mind, and for web-based companies and services, it is crucial that your company website looks and feels professional. Common mistakes include hard to read text, dark backgrounds, and multiple distracting elements, calling for the user’s attention. These tips should help you get your company website looking clean and trim, as well as helping traffic roll in.

Social Media Integration

Make sure that articles on your company website are shareable on social media, like Facebook and Reddit. Embed videos from YouTube in your company’s blog, and develop a reputable and active presence on social media platforms. Your website will drive viewers to your social media pages, but it will also draw visitors to your social media profiles to your site.

Clean, not Cluttered.

Keep your website design simple, using only a couple of colours, with a easy to find and use navigation area. Space your elements so they aren’t cluttered, and be sure that you use a good font. Cluttered, or unprofessional fonts will make your page look bad, as will jagged ones. Ensure that your menus are comfortably spaced, and that your main area has lots of room. If possible, try to keep the main element from feeling ‘boxed in.’

Good Content

Reasonably large images can be placed in text content, but should not be overused. Two or three Key pictures per 400 words are acceptable, especially if you are making use of galleries. Images should be clear unless intentionally not so. All photos should have a brief description. Header images should be balanced with the whole site, and should not differ too much from one another in colour tone.

A fair balance of well written text, to images, is needed to maintain high scores on search engines like Google. Keywords should be naturally placed into writing, and not feel forced. Make sure that all of the words on your site make sense, and is easy to read. Check grammar, fix spelling mistakes. Text should be directly to the point, but also descriptive and accurate

Mobile pages

Your company website should look good both on the desktop, and mobile devices. Using a mobile template ensures that the best aspects of your company site are available on the go. However, mobile templates often risk being cramped and should be designed with care. Most content on a desktop site can be delivered to mobile users, as well as services, in a readable manner. With mobile integration, users can enjoy images, and get vital information, pay bills, and make purchases, comfily on the go.

About Pages

Every company website needs a strong about page. Contact information should be clearly visible, and your page should include a brief message or summary about your company. About pages can be used to share company structures, as well as reach out to customers. Make sure to include a mailing address, phone number, email address, and social media links. In many cases, consider using a direct contact form.


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