How to Create a Logo Online for Free

Though a free logo will always look like a free logo, and you should consider hiring a freelancer to create a professional and unique logo for your company, many sites are offering free simple logos for your website, brand, and company. Free logos are quick to make, attractive, and add a sense completeness to your Startup or company. Well look at a few of the top free logo creators, and compare their features and limitations, so you can get started on creating logo best suited to your company and products!

Flaming Text

Around since 1999, Flaming Text is an amazing free tool for creating text-based logos for your company’s brand. Though limited to text, with hundreds of options, effects, and typesets to choose from, Flaming Text will make the perfect text-based logo in seconds. Powered by Gimp, Flaming Text’s free version does include some limitations on effect choices and length. However, their free product is more than adequate for most needs. Flaming Text is also great for preparing text for your videos, and website menus!

Free Logo Services

In seconds, Free Logo Services’ guided and the straightforward system will have you on your way to creating a high-quality logo for your site, business card, and more. Free Logo Services’ four-step system develops beautiful logos. Users can browse thousands of designs and pieces of clip art, and create and save a logo for free. However, Free Logo Services is free to try, and it will cost you to buy the logo you have designed. Once purchased, you gain unlimited use to the Free Logo Services in the future.

Free Logo Design

Free Logo Design is slightly more expensive than Free Logo Services, but they let you keep logos that you create for free. The premium service offers more editing options, and they have thousands of templates through dozens of categories. Perfect for start-ups and small businesses on a budget, Free Logo Designs’ quick and simple editor can give you a professional logo in minutes, which you can use freely on your products.

Logo Joy

Logo Joy is an unique logo generator, which makes professional and unique logos in moments, by your choice. You start by choosing logos that catch your eye, then primary colours. Add your name and slogan, choose five related icons, and Logo Joy will present you with dozens of eye-catching choices, with different designs, themes, shapes, and colours. Unfortunately, before you choose one, you have to log in, either by creating an account, or through Facebook

Graphic Springs

GraphicSprings offers a powerful in browser editor, with access to tonnes of clip art and templates. You can add text, in dozens of fonts, as well as rudimentary and decorative shapes. It also uses layers, and they allow you to put your products on items like t-shirts, cards, and mugs. GraphicSprings resembles an old Corel editor in feel, but can produce powerful results. You can also save your logo for later use. Editing and creating logos are free, but users must purchase the usage rights to it, before you can download them.

Gimp and Google

Gimp is a free graphic editor, and Google’s powerful image search will have you searching for free to use, and modify, images to put in your logo in no time. Gimp in many ways compares to photoshop, in others can do more. For photo editing, graphic editing, pixel art, and logo creation, Gimp is a powerful and versatile cross platform image editor, capable of creating the perfect logo for your company.

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